Niche London Strings – Event Performance Requirements

Please find a summary of what our string quartet, trio, duo and solo event musicians need to set up and perform. Please help us give you the best performance possible!

  • Armless chairs placed ready in performance locations
  • A safe location ‘break room’ for storage of belongings and preparation [our cases and spare equipment are valuable]
  • Drinks

If Outdoors:

  • We can only play outside if it is warm, dry and not too windy for our and our instrument’s safety
  • A shaded location, antique instruments cannot be in direct sunlight. Quartet and Trio usually need the shade space of 2 large parasols. Duo and Soloist need 1 parasol. Parasols are better than gazebos as the shade can be easily moved as needed throughout the day. The shade of a building or trees is also suitable (assuming the trees are not shedding fruits – from experience flying apples are not welcome!)
  • Please let us know outdoors locations are planned beforehand

If Amplified:

  • We need 2x 3-pin 13-amp electric sockets next to our seats i.e 2 normal household sockets to run our own amplification equipment

Niche London string quartet musicians look forward to playing for you soon! If anything is unclear do contact us to confirm any details.